What is Garden Coaching?

Coaching can take between one to two hours, and at the end of our session you'll have actionable notes & sketches.

We walk your yard or existing garden(s) to identify goals for your space, and any potential stumbling blocks.

We can cover topics ranging from filling in existing beds, creating new ones, container gardening, kitchen garden's, hardscape ideas or even pruning and maintenance.

The time is yours, and so is your garden. I want you to get the most out of both.

What is Nursery Coaching?

Just like garden coaching, nursery coaching can last an hour or two, and at the end of our session you'll also have actionable notes + rough sketches.

...and possibly a few new plants for your garden.

I'll meet you at the garden centre, and offer you a personalized escort through the perennials, trees, and shrubs.

I'm your very own tour guide, with insider knowledge.

This can be extremely helpful with overcoming some of the overwhelm that often happens at a nursery - so many options! - and will help you to choose plants that work best in your space.

It's a common misconception that garden centres set budding gardeners up to fail...but that's not true! 

Let me guide you through one of my favourite places to spend time, and teach you why we actually want you to succeed!