Design Concept Assessment

This assessment gives me a better understanding of your goals for the space, how it will be used, your colour and style preferences, and gardening skill level.

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Question 1 of 15

Name, Address, + Contact Info

Question 2 of 15

What time of day are you most likely to use the garden?

Question 3 of 15

Do you enjoy cooking and eating outdoors?

Question 4 of 15

Would you like to be able to host indoor-outdoor gatherings?

Question 5 of 15

Do friends and family have difficulty with mobility? 

Does the garden need to be wheelchair friendly?

Question 6 of 15

Will children and pets be using the garden regularly?

Question 7 of 15

Do you like gardening?

If so, how much time do you have for garden maintenance?

Question 8 of 15

What colours do you love/hate?

Question 9 of 15

What features would you like to be included?

(Examples: dining area, water feature, favourite plants, kitchen garden, herb garden, etc.)

Question 10 of 15

What, if any, existing plants would you like to keep?

What plants are a MUST REMOVE?

Question 11 of 15

Do you like the view from the garden?

Should it be accentuated, or disguised?

Question 12 of 15

Which rooms INSIDE your home do you spend most time in? Why? What about it makes it appealing for you?

Question 13 of 15

How do you want to FEEL in your garden? 

Question 14 of 15

Are there any places, gardens, countries, or design styles that inspire you?

In other words, would you like your garden to follow a particular theme or design template?

(Examples: Moroccan, English Country Garden, Modern, Wildlife-friendly, etc.)

Question 15 of 15

How patient are you to see your garden reach maturity?

Would you rather save money and introduce smaller plants, or spend a little extra for larger specimen?

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